own. Steve's like 17 now and he's like "look Tony our bitch is back" Tony's like 16 and he's like ' yeah can't wait to hit that again'" "here's the bitch about it, they're both good lookin guys beeg ass and I probably would have messed with them anyway until that shit. I tried to tell beeg lesbian em to fuck off but they beat the shit beeg porn out of me and then raped me several times" Eddie was sobbing uncontrolably now and Alex was starting to cry as well. "They left me down there all beat up and shit, I was too tired to even get dressed. The next morning my uncle comes down and sees me sleepin like that and he's like "guess you been waiting for me huh boy?" I was too week indian beeg to say anything I just looked at him.He started to get undressed and Alex he had the beeg .com biggest dick I ever seen, he pushed my face into the pillow and just beeg x rammed himself into me. I felt myself rip and I havent felt that much pain in my life, he did what he wanted and then told me to get up and beeg sexxx clean myself up, then to clean the sheets. I mean can you believe that shit? How could anybody beeg porn videos be such a fuckin' prick. My ass hurt so bad I could hardly walk." Alex reached for Eddie www.beeg..com who pulled away at first, he looked at him as if beeg mp4 he didn't recognize him. "hey it's b eeg me. It's o.k now" Alex reached for him beegs again and he gave in and buried his face into Alex's chest. "the next day when my cousins came back down I pushed them aside and went up the stairs. I don't know why but I just thought that if I could get out of that basemaent www.beeg they wouldn't hurt me, but I was wrong, so when they came at me I started to anal beeg throw shit at beeg com. them and grabbed a coat and ran out the beeg.coom door. I didn't care where I went as long as it wasn't there. Alex gently layed Eddie onto a pillow and got up. "i'll be right back" he said."gonna get sumthin to drink" "o.k" Eddie said sleepily. When beeg sex video Alex came back Eddie was already asleep. He crawled in bed next to him and Eddie instantly snuggled against him. When Alex woke up Eddie was nowhere to be found, he looked in the bathroom but he was not there. He wouldn't hear from him again for beeeg another month, Eddie had been sent to his uncles again and when he got there beeg tube his uncle was pissed, he started to hit him with a belt beeg sexxn so Eddie grabbed his shit and ran beegxx again. The next time they talked, Eddie was in a group home, Alex beeg lesbian went to see him but Eddie was very distant, he talked mostly about how hopeless everything seemed. He would run away from the group home and when he got caught again he would call Alex. Alex visited a few more times and the two talked about how perhaps Alex's parents could sign Eddie out and they could hang out. Eddie would agree with not much conviction. Eddie had mentioned a man he met while in Chicago named Vincent, said he had offered him a place to stay. "anythings better than this" He would say. He told Alex about how he had started to hustle to make beegporn money and then he would talk about his mom awhile, he never seemed to be mad at her. beeg poto It's like he couldn't get himself www.beeg.com to blame her for putting him through that shit. Alex couldn't comprehend that. Alex knew that their relationship would never be the same.... continued... just one more chapter of this series porn beeg read the other beeg indian axeman titles for answers to any questions. i hope you have sex beeg liked this story AXL Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 beeg..com 01:19:14 -0400 From: Drow Elf Subject: Eddie-complete O====================================================o "Eddie" An erotic fantasy by drow elf. (c) 11-18-90. Revisions: 12-13-91, 5-24-2003 Another tale to be placed in the eternal archive of gay erotica, nifty.org beeg.com Dedicated to Roy of Texas, who sent me an encouraging fan mail at indian beeg just the right time. o====================================================o =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In chat with Nifty, he happened to mention that he liked beeg xnxx Eddie, one of my few romances written at an early age. He had only a portion of the story. So I lightly burnished this old copy of the complete story and sent it to him. I am past the age of romances site beeg.com beeg now, and happier, because romantic love has many facets, few of them pleasant. But these fictions where Romance succeeds are sweet like a summer's breeze. (I do make a distinction between Romantic love and realistic, everyday love.) Like every writer I crave feedback, criticism, and acclaim. From the xxxbeeg lair of the drow May the 24th, 2003. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Eddie - Complete Written by Drow Elf -- r a d i x m beegxx a l l o r u m Io credo, che saranno radi Che tua ragione intendan bene beeg porno Tanto lor sei faticoso ed alto. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chapter 1: Meeting in the Park. ~The pale young man sits before me, his brown hair tossed carelessly over his brow. He is compactly muscular and I have already witnessed his agility; this is not a man to be trifled with. He is 18 but far wiser in the beeh ways беег of беег the world than many older men I have known. My name is Derrick Hart. I am a traveller. I have been many places and I have seen many things. I brought this boy back from beegcom the Dead. He will tell you about that and many other things as well. His name is Karl and he is my student now. I am beeg/ capturing his story inside an enchanted crystal for posterity. He has agreed to reveal the circumstances which preceded his untimely beeg movies demise in order to give indian beeg me beeg mp4 insight into his character. The young man has nodded his head, a signal which means he will begin his story.~ ***************************************************************** We met purely by chance on a Monday morning. I remember him, you know. His friendly smile, his delicate elvish eyes. I loved the way he laughed, so full of vitality--once you got beeg porn videos him laughing, you couldn't make him stop, he would just keep on, and then I would start laughing too-- Derrick, it pains me to talk about this. ...I was 17 years into the world, but beeg porche much younger...much younger. Even though beeg.c it has been only a year since Eddie died, I feel old now. beeg.com I am 6 feet tall beeg xx and have brown hair and blue eyes. On this day I was wearing a black shirt, jeans, and red underwear. I would have gone without underwear had it not been slightly chilly around this time in October. I always wear as little clothing as possible. I like the feel of the wind and bee the sun on my skin. I sat cross-legged under a tree in the park. I was waiting for 9:00 to roll around, because my parents would beeg/ leave for work then. I was cutting school that day. Ha-ha. When I went home I would play video games, drink beer and eat pizza. Just the sort of thing to warm a truant officer's heart. My parent's excuse would be forged beeg black by my brother, who wanted to be a writer one day. www beeg.com His masterpiece would either draw a beeg hot word beeg gesetz of sympathy from my teacher, or silence and a finger pointed towards the principal's office. The steady rays of sunlight upon my body relaxed me. I had beeg/ eaten a large breakfast mom beeg that morning, and felt tired. In the midst of my meditations, I dozed. I found myself beeg lesbian dreaming of something beeg ass strange that I can't remember now. A tube beeg breeze blew rapidly against my face, and I awoke. I listened to a bird whistling in a tree nearby. Slowly my gaze turned towards the Hut. The Hut was a two-story wooden structure which overlooked the park's baseball field. Every park in West Ashley had one; they were built for spectators. Fans could crowd in there during games and beeg hindi watch. There was a roof overhead which gave some protection against the sun. Blood raced to my head as I stood up. beeg.c I walked towards the Hut. As I approached, I detected a flurry of feet in the second story of the Hut. Then I heard a nervous cough. Whoever was up there had seen me before I had seen them, putting me at a tactical disadvantage. "Hullo?" I ventured. No hd beeg response. I walked into the beeg anal Hut, directly under the second floor, and peered through the cracks in the floor. There was one guy up there and he seemed small, judging by the size of his shoes. Warily I climbed up the ladder. I saw him as beeg porno I wwwbeeg came up into the second floor. My eyes travelled up. Nike tennis shoes, blue jeans, slender legs, tight waist, blue shirt, and oh...that face, so cute! I thought that I just might sit there and beeg teen stare for hours. He was about two porn beeg years younger than I, with shiny black beeg beeg hair drooping down near brown puppy-dog beeg 18 eyes, a petite nose, sensual lips, which were moving now to speak. I snapped out of my trance to remember English. "Hi." said the God. I looked back dumbly. Finally I said, "Oh, hi!" and I climbed up from the ladder and wiped my hands on my beeg tubes pants, preparing to shake hands. I said, "My name is Karl. What's yours?" "Eddie." "Well, Eddie, I'm glad to meet you." I walked over to him and shook hands. His hand was cold. He seemed nervous for some reason, and wouldn't look into my eyes for more beeg beeg than a brief moment. "He should be nervous!" I thought. "If he only knew how I felt!" After I explained that I beeg anal was cutting school, beeg he told me beeg hot that he had been suspended from school after being caught smoking a cigarette. beeg-com A dreadful crime, we both agreed--and we laughed. We plunged into a rapid stream of small .beeg talk, and he told me that he beeg. went to the same school; in fact he had seen me in passing before--often. We exchanged opinions on teachers and subjects and I found him growing more beeg . at ease, and smiling often when he looked at me. I beeg black felt my sixth sense tapping me on the shoulder, saying, "This guy likes you!" Finally my watch read 9:00 and beeeg I knew I could go back home. No fool, I invited Eddie over, and beeg sex he enthusiastically accepted. His eyes beamed with a strong emotion. And so it was, we became lovers. We did many things together and helped one another in countless ways. Over a year passed beeg until we reached that terrible cusp in time beeg sex video to which you, Derrick, were a witness, when I lost Eddie forever. Chapter 2: At School and at Home. It was late evening. I sat in my room, contemplating the day's events. Cute Eddie, that boy with black hair, 14 years old, and with those shy brown eyes. How could it be, I wondered, that we moved so beeg hindi quickly into each others' arms. It sounded like one of those silly stories you read... I daydreamed lazily about Eddie, lying naked in my arms; moaning beneath beeg. me as beeg mom we copulated; smiling at me in the park; laughing beeg com as he sat perched upon my shoulders. I thought about how grand the days to come would be. beeg . Everything I did, everywhere I went would be with Eddie. I picked up the phone and dialed the number Eddie had given me before he left. It rang once. "Hello?" a teenage girl beeg come answered. "Hi, beeg sexxn is Eddie there?" "Yeah. What do you want?" I was a little beeg come confounded by that. I said, "Donations for the Policeman's Fraternity Club?" "Yeah, right. Never mind, I'll go get him." "Hold on, who are you?" "I'm Cindy, Eddie's sister. I'm older and smarter than he is." "That so? Can you solve a quadratic equation for me?" "What?" She paused, chewed some gum a moment, continued, "I'm not a computer, buster! Besides, I go to the same high school you do, I bet--and you know we don't learn anything like that in school!" "This beeg..com I concede. Decadence permeates our educational system." "Smarty pants. Give me a dictionary and I'll throw some fifty dollar words right back at you! Let me get Eddie xxxbeeg for you. EDD-IEE! Phone!" I liked her spirit! Rarely do I come across a female with spirit and intellect. I suppose that is why beeg beeg I've usually preferred wwwbeeg guys to girls. I've had only beeg.c one female friend who I felt www.beeg.com had an astonishing mind and a vivacious spirit--and I fell in love with her. beeg 4k That was beeg com when I was 13 years old. Alas, the love was unrequited. She fell for a squint-eyed brute named Kirk who ditched her in two weeks because she wouldn't put out. Tsk, tsk. Eddie took the phone and I luxuriated in his light, happy voice, so like warm sunshine. I said, "How is the boy of my dreams doing tonight?" "Shh! Lord knows who's on the other phone!" I laughed. Then I beeg sex said, "Sorry. I was careless. But you know something?" "What?" "J'adore tu." "En j'adore tu, aussi. Do you know that I've been thinking about you all day?" "No. Really? That makes me feel site beeg.com beeg very special and privileged...and horny too!" We both laughed. He said, "Oh, man, you beeg sexxn keep forgetting porno beeg that someone could be listening on the other phone! But I forgot too." "Oh, fuck 'em. Who cares. Let the whole world know." "Karl! Geez. We beeg massage must talk!" "Yeah, we must--let's talk tomorrow. I want to see you tomorrow." "Me too. free porn beeg Oh, www beeg com I wish you were tube beeg here with free beeg me now. I would kiss you!" I made smacking noises over the phone. He giggled. beeg. com He said, "Okay, how www.beeg..com about this. You ride the bus home with me tomorrow. You come to my house and stay beeg 4k the night. I rape you. You don't tell anyone, but seek counseling. Twenty years later you tell your wife about it late one night. She gets turned on by the story. Surprisingly, you become aroused as well. The two of you have the best sex you've ever beeg com. had." "Eddie, mom beeg you're beeg vids impossible." "That's why I'm Me. Do I have a date?" "You've beeg movies got a date, you little tease." "Alright! We'll meet at school two times; once in the morning-- I'll be in front of the office--and the beeg sex video last time in the parking lot after school. Adios, loverboy!" In my best Olde English voice I said, "Goodbye, my immoral vagabond!" We met milf beeg in front of the beeg.con school, as we had agreed. I walked up and saw Eddie sitting on a bench reading a novel. On the ground beside him lay his school books. He wore blue jeans and beeg videos a black shirt, the favored attire for a beeg . guy who's deeply into heavy metal, but I knew Eddie wasn't the type. He looked fine in those clothes; the black shirt matched sex beeg his black hair. But he looked fine in anything, or better in nothing. beeg hd As I approached his www beeg com eyes darted beeh up from the book, and he grinned, looking beeg moms me up and down. I felt his eyes probing my body, feeling, grasping. I relished the attention. "Hi!" he said. "Hi. You look great." "So wwwbeeg do you!" Our eyes met, spoke a thousand words, parted. He sighed. I lifted a hand to his book. "So...what are you reading? ~Interview with the Vampire~ by Anne Rice. Hmm, that sounds like an interesting interview." "It's very romantic and well-written." "Hmm, I might like to hold that after you're finished with beeg x it." He grinned with an air of mischief. "You'd like to hold it, huh?" "Hmm?" beegxxx I smiled distractedly. Eddie continued, "You'd like to beeq.com hold IT after I've finished with IT, wouldn't you?" "You know I would." I wanted beeg xx to grasp his leg right then, but mindful of where we were, I just nudged my elbow at his ribs. He laid an arm on my shoulder and tilted towards me, laughing. "Okay...okay..." he said finally, trying to catch his breath. "We'll partake of begg more...indoor sports...tonight." After he had calmed down, we talked about the classes we beeg indian had that day and how we knew they would take forever since beeg free we were both so eager. He told me the number of his bus and beeg jepang where beeg jepang it was parked. When the school bell rang, we both stood up. He reached for his books on the beeeg ground, bending over directly in front of me so that his derriere was inches away from my beeg mom front. I swear he did this intentionally. I studied his succulent curves discretely, trying not to be obvious to any passerby. beeg mature He rose with the books in his hands and looked in my eyes, and I smiled and turned away. He came beeg.con up to my ear and whispered, "Wait 'til tonight!" and then walked away into the crowd before I could reply. At lunch Eddie was nowhere to be found. I ate in www.beeg..com the cafeteria beeg vids with my buddies Mark and Chris. Mark beeg milf was livid with anger over a number of detentions he had scored beegcom in Mrs. Gregg's beeg xvideos algebra beeg mature class, and explained that Mrs. Gregg had canine ancestors. We all snickered and nodded our heads in agreement. After Mark finished and we had all had our say on the matter, Chris changed the subject. "Say, I'm planning on renting out a movie tonight. Why beeg sex don't you guys come on over and watch it with me? My parents are going out to eat tonight, so we could have a few beers begg or something." Mark said, "Alright! That sounds cool! But what movie? And where are bee you getting the beer?" "My uncle said he'd get me some, as long as I give him the money for it. And I'm getting ~Lord of the Flies~, the latest version. I liked the book, so I wanna see the movie." Chris said. I said, "I don't think I'll be able to make it. I'd like to, but I'm going over to a friend's house today, a guy I met yesterday, and I'll probably sleep over at his house and go to www beeg com school with him in the morning." Of course, https //beeg.com nothing was implied by what I said. Chris and Mark led straight lifestyles to my knowledge and were pretty naive about gay relationships. I did occasionally beegs speculate about Chris' proclivities, but xxx beeg not often enough to beeg porche tempt me to ask him. Chris beeg .com and Mark were both attractive www beeg but I milf beeg beeg massage considered them only as friends, not as sexual beings. I was .beeg content with things the way they were. They looked at me, and Chris asked, "Who's this guy? Do we know him?" "Nah, I doubt it. He's a freshman by the name of Eddie...um, I don't know his last www.beeg com name." Mark beeg mp4 said, "I don't know him." Chris said, "Nope. Never heard of an 'Eddie'." I said, "Well, he's pretty cool. I met him in the park yesterday when I cut school. We got to talking and I found out that he went to the same school I did. He was suspended for smoking cigarettes." Mark looked at Chris and said, "Remember that time you got suspended for smoking a cigarette in the library?" Chris smiled. "Yeah..." We chatted for a while longer beeg porn until the bell rang and we had to return to our cells...I mean, our classes. The beeh day finally expired and beegporn I found Eddie's bus at the designated area. I climbed aboard and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't too crowded; in fact, there was room enough for each kid to have his own seat and not be forced to share. That meant...yes, that meant that Eddie beeg anal and I could sit together. Eddie had picked the very last seat at the end of the bus, and no one was on the other side, so we would teen beeg have a little privacy. He was smiling as I walked down the aisle, looking coyly up at me, his soft black hair drooping over those irresistible brown eyes, with his head resting beeq.com on his hands. I sat down beeg xxx and he moved over, and I moved mom beeg all the way over to him until we were touching each other, side by side. We felt each others warmth. He placed his right hand snugly between our legs, by his pocket. He said, "So how was school?" "Fine, but waiting was hell." "Yeah, I know what you mean." We didn't say much during the ride. We just kept sitting closely against each other. Eddie caught an erection at one point in the ride and he kept it until we reached his stop. I stole several glances at it, and Eddie smiled beeg xxx as if embarrassed, but it only got bigger. He adjusted his pants a beeg movies few times to make his arousal more beeg tubes comfortable. I wanted to help him, but knew that we would have to wait until the night, when we beag.com could explore each other freely in the privacy of Eddie's bedroom. Then I would take the stiff member lying beneath those blue jeans beeg xnxx into my mouth. The bus dropped us off a block away from Eddie's house. His house was in a neighborhood not far beeg.com/ from mine. He lived about half a mile away from me. His neighborhood was similar to mine, being tube beeg suburban middle-class беег with an even racial mix. As the bus lumbered off to the next stop, I turned to Eddie and said, "Where were you during lunch? I missed you." He said, "I don't eat lunch." "What? Never?" beeg tubes "Never. I beeg hd save my money instead." I was concerned at this. My lover wasn't feeding himself! "'...save the money'? I can't believe you don't eat! I couldn't make it through the day if I didn't eat lunch! That's not healthy, Eddie." "Well, it doesn't bother me." "Hmm! It bothers me. I want you to eat with me at b eeg lunch from now on. If I catch you skipping lunch again, I'm gonna take you over my beeg coom knee and spank you!" He smiled hopefully. "Promise?" "Oh, you're insufferable!" I slapped his teen beeg rear. We smiled at each beeg xvideos other, and I believe Eddie www beeg.com caught a look in my eye, because he beeg poto took off running and I soon followed anal beeg after him. We tore down the street, running and laughing, a most taxing activity on the body, but also a very fun thing to do. We were like children again, and part of me worried what the ever-present eyes of the public would think, but a wiser voice inside me said, beeg 18 "Ah, fuck 'em!" and I had to agree--I didn't care what others thought, I was young, free, and in love, and bliss was mine. I overtook him just as he reached his house, and I clapped a hand on his shoulder and ran with him until we got to his front door. Then we stood there, panting, looking at beeg come each other and feeling happy. He fumbled for his keys and finally got them out of his pocket, and beeg free opened the door. We beegxx spent the next two hours sitting down by the TV, playing Nintendo. We both agreed that it would be best to beeg gesetz wait until tonight. We got a big high from simply being with each other. Eddie's sister popped in about thirty minutes beeg hot after we had arrived. She said "Hi!" and walked over to us and asked me what my name was, and whether I beegxxx went to the same school as Eddie and her, and whether I knew Melissa or Doris, two of her friends (I didn't). beeg.com/ www beeg Her name was Cindy and she was a sophomore, a beeg mature year beeg tube beeg hairy older than Eddie. I thought she was cute, but not as cute beeg videos as Eddie. She left soon after--to talk on the phone, we discovered, as we heard bits porno beeg beag.com and pieces of an intense adolescent-female discussion. After her departure hd beeg beeg massage Eddie leaned over to me to ask a question. "Do you think she's better looking than I am, Karl?" I shook my head. "She's alright. She's kinda cute. But you're just flat-out gorgeous, and that's all beeq.com there is to it." "I wouldn't mind, you know. If you liked her too. If you made love to her." "Eddie!" "Well, I'm not a jealous person. beeg milf That's all. I love you a lot. But I could share you with her if you wanted, if it made you happy." xxx beeg "That's a good thought, Eddie. But it's neither here or now. If things progress to that point, I'll milf beeg let you know, since I bee wouldn't have any reason to hide it from you. But I would always love you and care about you, whether I slept with b eeg beeg sexxx her or not." free porn beeg Eddie reached for my hand and grasped it firmly. I covered his hand beeg porn with my other hand. We had a special understanding between us. Eddie https //beeg.com seemed lost in thought for a moment. He turned his eyes to beegporn me. "Karl?" "Yes." "What is it about me, I mean, that makes you like me?" I smiled and put my finger on his lips. He smiled and nibbled on the tip of my finger. I brushed his hair lightly across his brow. I said, "I like all of you. beeg-com Everything." "Well, I mean--" "Your eyes, Eddie. Your laugh. The way you walk. beeg.coom The way you shake your hair to one side when it gets in www beeg your eyes." Eddie felt as if I had paid him a rich compliment. I had said only what I felt. He put his arm around free beeg me and laid his head on my shoulder. "Karl?" "Yes, my immoral vagabond." "Oh, quit with that! Karl, you know what I like about you?" "Hmm, I think I have beeg video a vague idea. Does it have something to do with my vast personal wealth?" "Well, besides that. It's your soft, deep voice. It exudes confidence and self-assurance, beeg video which I guess is something I wish I had more of." "Eddie--" "I'm not finished. You're cute, do beeg coom you know that? You're a stud. Your body is firm and strong. I like the feel of your muscles, the way they ripple across your body. beeg sexxx You seem so powerful, yet beeg teen you are so gentle with me. I wonder sometimes how I was lucky enough to get a lover beeg .com like you." That was it. I couldn't sit still any longer; beeg hindi I had to kiss him. Our lips met, hot, heavy and moist. His eyes were closed when I pulled away. His black hair was drooping slightly xnxx beeg over his eyes, making a perfect picture. I could fill photo albums with that boy; he was fantastic. After Eddie's parents came home, we made the usual parental introductions--cordial, brief, and a trifle uncomfortable. We ate supper rather quickly, excused ourselves, and made haste to Eddie's bedroom. As Eddie closed beeg. the door behind us and locked it, I realized that I had beeg.com/ a strong beeg moms hard on. Eddie noticed beeg xnxx it too, and smirked. He walked over to me and clutched my cock through my pants. "Sit over here, Karl," he said, motioning to a cushioned chair. I surmised his intent, and complied. He sat down facing my knees, and unzipped my pants. "Oh..." I gasped. He whispered, "You're gonna beeg vids enjoy this." He pulled my cock from my underwear and stroked it. My cock was long and hard. Eddie caressed it patiently and smiled as it expanded another two inches in his grasp. I www.beeg moaned and sank deeply into the chair. My eyes were shut. beegxxx After a moment I felt a warm wetness on my beeg hairy cock and a sliding sensation, and I opened my eyes to see Eddie sucking my cock. He lifted his head up from my cock and caught his breath, saying, "Like that?" I nodded. He went back down on my cock and sucked me. I felt his tongue tickle the head of my cock, and that made me go. I came quickly inside his mouth, and he swallowed. I hugged him. It was an awkward hug, since I was in a chair and he was sitting on the floor, and we collapsed in each others arms on the floor. He laughed. I began stripping him, taking off his shirt, then his pants and underwear, shoes and socks. He undressed me at the same time, and beeg free soon we were naked. I moved down to his legs xnxx beeg www.beeg and grabbed his butt, rubbing the soft flesh between my fingers. I left one hand on his butt and took his cock with the other. I opened my mouth and sucked him. I felt his butt tighten, and I squeezed the muscle back there, the gluteous maximus. It beeg. com was fun feeling his cock grow rigid inside my mouth. I enjoyed the idea beeg xx of bringing him pleasure. I tickled his cock head with my tongue, www.beeg com as he had done, and he squirmed and